Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchens

SNK specializes in custom made high quality stainless steel channels for commercial kitchens. These channel widths range from 150mm upto 350mm and variable depths with in-built slope of 1:200 for faster removal of food particles in drain line.

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Benefits of SNK kitchen drain:

  • High quality SS304 grade material for extreme hygienic drain requirements.
  • Precision fabrication for perfect fitment.
  • Chamber design for easy of cleaning and maintenance.
  • High strength SS304 grating hassle free movement of trolleys and kitchen equipment.
  • 100% custom made to match client's requirements with pre fabricated ' T' and 'L' joints.

Customised SS304 Channel And Grating With IN-BUILT Slope

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    Customized Self Slopping Construction
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    Assembly With Chamber

Kitchen Floor Trap

Available Sizes

  • Standard : 300x300x150mm
  • Customized: As Per Requirement
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    Typical Assembly
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    Exploded View