SNK Draintech India Pvt. Ltd.

SNK Draintech India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of drain systems catering to Indian as well as the global markets. SNK Draintech believes in listening carefully to our customers and then serving them with highly cost competitive and reliable products. Our expertise, refined over the years and our domain knowledge enables us to exceed expectations of our clients. Quality, reliability and innovation are the three pillars of SNK and form the core of our philosophy. SNK has highly motivated team of designers and engineers, fully equipped manufacturing setup and best of associates and vendors which empower us to serve our clients.


Our vision

To be a global leader in the drain systems market. Improving the quality of life in a sustainable way by designing and manufacturing innovative drain systems.

Our mission

Continuously improving our products, systems and services and set new standards in our capacity as the market leader in the drainage technology.

Our strategy

Focus on core business of drain systems Understanding customer needs through systematic design & innovation process Continuous optimization of business processes


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What We Do?

SNK offers a truly wide range of drain products and drain systems like linear drain, self-sloping channel systems . Our products are manufactured using high quality raw material like composites, plastics, stainless steel etc. Our portfolio contains a wide range of grating options depending on the load class and specific application related and aesthetic requirements.

Our Products

  • Shower Drains
  • Kitchen Floor Traps
  • Recessed Type Chamber Covers
  • Funnel Stain

Application Areas

  • Basements
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Residential Complexes
  • Kitchens

Application Areas

  • balcony-terrace
    Bathroom Drain
  • Peripheral Drain
  • Podium Drain
  • basement and car parking
    Basement & Car Parking Area
  • Terrace Drain
  • Smart Floor Trap