Vertical Shower Drain Channel (32 x 5 Inches) with a  cockroach trap (304 Grade):

SNK Linear drain channels strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality with a variety of patterns suited for different tastes.
SNK shower drain channels are linear/long floor drains with a bottom center or bottom side outlet, meant to handle large volumes of water and comes with a grating, tray base and cockroach trap (optional) and a lifting hook to help remove the cover for easy maintenance.
Material & Finish:
Shower drain channels are manufactured in high-quality AISI 304-grade stainless steel and AISI 316-grade stainless steel. Its brushed matte finish gives it a textured, anti-rustic, and edgy look.
Linear drain channels are suitable for installation in rain showers, commercial kitchens, and swimming pool areas.
Easy to maintain- Removable Grate/Jali helps in clearing out waste from time to time, and avoid using harsh cleaning detergents.
A cockroach trap is used as barricades as pests tend to enter from the drain.

Technical Details:

  • Channels and gratings in stainless steel
  • Standard channels with widths 70, 80 and 100 mm with center outlet D50
  • Non-standard (customized) channels with off-center outlet D50
  • Standard lengths: 300, 400, 500, 600, 750, 900, 1000, 1200 mm
  • Standard width: 70 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm
  • Standard height: 25 mm

SNK ABS shower channels have a round 25 mm collar which allows the tiles to come over and conceal the joints from the top. SS grating comes with an adjustable 25 mm long stud which allows to adjust the height to match the floor level. Grating manufactured in SS 304 grade steel and tray constructed in ABS.

SIZES: – Available in three sizes. 

Length = with collar 650 mm, without collar 600.

Length = with collar 800 mm, without collar 750.

Length = with collar 950 mm, without collar 900.

Width = with collar 120 mm, without collar 50mm

Number and arrangement of outlets:

Model with 600 mm and 750 mm length have one bottom central outlet.

Model with width of 50 mm comes with inbuilt slope 

Model with 900 mm length has two bottom outlets; at the centre and at the end.